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Access to work is not fully understood by Deaf people; I am not sure about it myself. In the future I hope to become an IT developer or have employment in the filming and editing world.

If a Deaf person was to work as a mechanic, for example if they were obtaining car parts at auction, they would need an interpreter to communicate so they could understand what was going on and how to bid on the right parts.

Deaf people need interpreters; to use their ears and their voice; to communicate with people and make phone calls. Without an interpreter, running a business would be impossible.

Car auction; Deaf people don’t know when to bid; they can’t buy what they want. They would need to have an interpreter there. I wish I had Access to Work before I went to an auction!


I need Access to Work for support in employment; provide funding for me to employ interpreters to communicate with hearing people, to attend staff meetings, etc. Without Access to Work it would be impossible.

The job centre explained Access to Work to me; the policy means that legally employers must use it for Deaf staff. But Deafinitions video project about Access to Work gave me the full picture.

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