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Education & Employment Opportunities

Deaf education in both mainstream and Deaf schools; problems with finding employment after education; the difference in work opportunities when working for Deafinitions.

Issues with Employment

Problems with applying for jobs; similar to all Deaf people in the community; the various opportunities for skills development offered by Deafinitions.


The Deaf Community

Deaf people out in the community who have no jobs and nothing to do should join Deafinitions; it will help avoid depression and give them confidence.



Education & Skill Development

Education at Doncaster College for the Deaf; felt unsatisfied; limited training. Deafinitions has wider areas for training and development; and I created good relationships with my colleagues.

Employment Support & Deafinitions

Social services helped discuss my employment options; poor experience; did not understand what I needed. Deafinitions provides better training and employment opportunities with no barriers.


I would recommend Deaf people out there who aren’t employed to join Deafinitions.

Work Attitude

When volunteering for Youth Deafinitions on the Management Committee, life was very up and down; my attendance was poor. I decided to change; be more aware of my responsibilities and my role.

The Job Centre & Deafinitions

The job centre do not understand Deaf people. They think Deaf culture and hearing culture are the same. I would recommend that Deaf people go to Deafinitions for freedom to develop, learn and train.

Current Employment

I am a runner; responsible for supporting all staff, doing odd jobs, making sure everything is ready for filming. At the start I felt panicked by the responsibility but things are much smoother now; in the future I would like to be a film editor.

Opportunities at Deafinitions

Deafinitions is my first job; new challenges; developing strength through more pressure and responsibilities. Opportunities at Deafinitions are so different from opportunities anywhere else.

Mental Health & Employment

Deaf mental health issues; other hearing companies don’t understand; put on put too much pressure on Deaf people; lowering their confidence, making them confused, stopping them from developing, and making them stressed. Deafinitions understands; knows how to work with Deaf people so they don’t have to work like that.


My dream for the future is to create a campaign to make an impact for Deaf awareness, Deaf people’s rights; Deaf people are different. I want the world to wake up and support us 100%.

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